Communicating in Barcroft

The Barcroft News is the BSCL's primary method of communicating with Barcrofters. I've always enjoyed it and found it a good source of information about events and issues of interest to our neighborhood. We also have our official website (the link is at the bottom of the box to the left) and there's the "chat list," a yahoo listserv you can subscribe to.  (The website explains how you can join it.)  But we're always eager to improve/enhance our ability to hear from you, for you to hear from us, and for all Barcrofters to communicate with each other for their mutual benefit. To that end, we're currently reevaluating current methods and considering new ones. For instance, not many know there is a Barcroft Facebook page; we may promote it and/or a Facebook group. 

If you have comments or ideas about the ways BSCL communicates and how they could be improved, I'd love it if you'd send them to me ( We very much want to reach more Barcrofters and to better serve their interests through civic engagement. It all starts with all of us letting each other know what we consider important to Barcrofters. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.


President's Message

Safety is an important consideration in any season.  But winter seems to present the most challenges. Ice has been a frequent hazard for drivers, pedestrians, and even residents who go out to retrieve their newspapers. The cold may inspire some to try to keep pipes unfrozen with heat sources that could cause fires. Space heaters can ignite fires and some types can emit odorless but toxic carbon monoxide. So grab that handrail before you go down the steps, drive carefully, and take precautions with heat sources. Neighbors with mobility issues might need a hand too.  

Stay safe! 

President's Message

We're very fortunate to live in a residential community with stately oaks and other trees providing shade for us and habitat for wildlife.  We border on a park that rewards visitors with a pleasant walk by picturesque Four Mile Run.  It's hard to believe that the US Capitol is only ten minutes away by car.  Foxes are now well established here, and deer are increasingly seen.  The occasional hawk swoops in for dinner, and a woodpecker may decide to confuse your gutter for a tree limb and give you a wakeup call.  Goldfinches perch on your coneflowers, hummingbirds feed on your hibiscus, chipmunks scamper across your lawn, and of course those annoying squirrels are everywhere you don't want them.  (I didn't say it was all positive.)  There are psychological rewards to the relationship we have with nature in Barcroft...

President's Message

Deborah and I have lived in Barcroft for 36 years, and the changes have been constant. Many of you have lived here longer than I have, and have seen even more changes. Small houses become larger, and lots that held a single small home become the site of several much larger ones. The State Department and National Guard have opened facilities on George Mason. And soon, two large projects on Columbia Pike will bring more people (and more cars) to Barcroft. The County has declared a two year moratorium on new parking restrictions, so we can probably expect the current parking situation to tighten further...

President's Message

I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer! My family certainly did. Our next BSCL meeting is September 7. Barbara Swart will propose a resolution from Barcroft to request the county board to commit to Ready for 100 (see a description of thjs project in the June/July issue of Barcroft News.) Barcrofters are always welcome. It will be the first meeting I will preside at, so there may be some unintentional comedic moments you won't want to miss...

From the President and Looking Forward to Summer

Thanks to all of you who have presented me with the opportunity, after 36 years of benefiting from the work of others, to do what I can for the Barcroft School and Civic League as an officer. I'll be relying on my colleagues and all the members to let me know when I'm not doing something that I should be doing (and vice versa)...