President's Message

I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer! My family certainly did. Our next BSCL meeting is September 7. Barbara Swart will propose a resolution from Barcroft to request the county board to commit to Ready for 100 (see a description of thjs project in the June/July issue of Barcroft News.) Barcrofters are always welcome. It will be the first meeting I will preside at, so there may be some unintentional comedic moments you won't want to miss.

The grounds of the Community House are a source of pride for Barcroft, and it takes some effort to plan and maintain them. Much of the burden has fallen on Scott Brinitzer, and he's done magnificently. Ideally, we'd like to share the maintenance work among a larger contingent. (Many hands make light work!)  If you are interested in exploring whether your interests and capabilities match up with work that needs to be done, please email me. The BSCL Board will let you know the next step. I've seen so many lovely gardens in Barcroft that I'm sure there are plenty of avid gardeners who could make a beautiful community asset even more beautiful.

The construction on Columbia Pike and Buchanan is causing some confusion for Barcrofters and others, as traffic is being rerouted. The police have been enlisted to attempt to help with this, but there's a limit to what they can do.  

In Virginia, every year is an election year. What happened in Charlottesville recently is a reminder that politics can get very ugly indeed. Let's recommit to keeping our disagreements civil, however important and deeply felt they are.

Chris Siple

Chris Siple is the current president of the Barcroft School and Civic League.