Communicating in Barcroft

The Barcroft News is the BSCL's primary method of communicating with Barcrofters. I've always enjoyed it and found it a good source of information about events and issues of interest to our neighborhood. We also have our official website (the link is at the bottom of the box to the left) and there's the "chat list," a yahoo listserv you can subscribe to.  (The website explains how you can join it.)  But we're always eager to improve/enhance our ability to hear from you, for you to hear from us, and for all Barcrofters to communicate with each other for their mutual benefit. To that end, we're currently reevaluating current methods and considering new ones. For instance, not many know there is a Barcroft Facebook page; we may promote it and/or a Facebook group. 

If you have comments or ideas about the ways BSCL communicates and how they could be improved, I'd love it if you'd send them to me ( We very much want to reach more Barcrofters and to better serve their interests through civic engagement. It all starts with all of us letting each other know what we consider important to Barcrofters. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.


Chris Siple

Chris Siple is the current president of the Barcroft School and Civic League.