Holiday Parties, Sidewalks, Traffic, and More

We had a great turnout for our holiday party on December 1, Thanks to all the organizers, musicians, and storytellers who made it happen. I think the earlier start time was a hit, so I'll recommend that we make that permanent starting next year.

This month's other news is a mixed bag.

As you'll recall, last September, we voted to apply for county funding to complete an unfinished section of sidewalk along 8th Street under the the Missing Links program. Unfortunately, the county has informed me that, due to some challenging topography on this property and the location of a utility pole, the cost of the project would far exceed what the Missing Links program could cover. If there is interest, we can reapply for the sidewalk as a full blown Neighborhood Conservation project.

If you've driven along the section of George Mason Drive that abuts Barcroft, I hope you've noticed the new signage in the crosswalks at 4th Street that alert drivers to yield to pedestrians as per state law. In addition, I reported over the chat list that the county had initially decided not to push back the parking setbacks at the intersections along Buchanan Street. However, last week I was informed that the county will "relocate the existing no parking sign on the right hand side of northbound S Buchanan Street closest to the intersection of 8th Street S 20 feet back, away from the intersection, to further restrict motorists from parking close to the intersection and to improve the available sight distance for turning traffic from 8th Street S onto southbound S Buchanan Street. In addition, we will restrict parking on the right hand side of the southbound approach of S Buchanan Street from 20 feet north of the intersection of 8th Street S, prior to the existing speed hump to further improve the available sight distance for turning traffic from eastbound 8th Street S onto S Buchanan Street."

Finally, the county determined that there is insufficient traffic at the intersecion of 6th Street and Buchanan/Pershing to justify a 3 way stop. They will, however, "relocate the existing advance advisory speed sign indicating the maximum safe speed on southbound S Pershing Drive to a spot closer to the intersection of 6th Street S where it would be more visible to southbound S Pershing Drive traffic and hopefully heighten drivers’ awareness of the horizontal curve and the turning traffic from and onto 6th Street S."

Both relocations will take about 6 weeks, weather and schedule permitting.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2017!

Chris Kupczyk

Chris Kupczyk is the president of the Barcroft School & Civic League.