Parks and Environment Committee Minutes

Meeting of March 3, 2006

Memorandum To: Parks and Environment Committee
From: Noreen Atkinson

Subject: March 3, 2006 Meeting

The four members present - Dan, Shirley, Randy and Noreen - discussed the route of the March 5, 2006 "parks walk."

The walk will begin at 1:30 PM in from of Shirley's house.

The committee has the following comments to note on the walk.

Additions of foot paths at 5th and 6th Streets to park (Grandma's creek?).

Quality of maintenance and trash collections along W&OD Trail and Glen Carlin Park. Clean-up of trash along trail and in park areas and more trash cans along the bike path and in the parks.

Solicit comments on overgrown slopes along the Trail from 7th Street to 9th Street. Do neighbors feel this is a security or health issue to be addressed?

Comments on and suggestions for improvements in dog-park. Impact of dogs and traffic on soil, water quality and especially on the fragile stream bank.

Initiation of plan for removal of invasive plants - start with pulling ivy and other vines off trees and shrubs. Arlington Forest got $400,000 for plant removal in Lubber Run Park. How about Barcroft.

Virginia Power site on Buchanan - possible reuses: gated neighborhood vest pocket garden with benches, children's playground, expanded part of natural landscape.

Arlington Hall Park - enforcement of park closure regulations after dark. Is the gate on Taylor being locked on a regular basis? What about the two other pedestrian entrances?

Barcroft School playground - ensuring access after regular school closing rather than after extended day care time.

Other Areas of Concern: Mosquitoes, Noise

Agenda for Monday Meeting - March 13th at 3:00 PM - Shirley's house.

Review findings of the March 5th walk. Committee members will each bring 3 or 4 questions for the questionnaire.