Barcroft Neighborhood Conservation Plan - 2008

Barcroft's Neighborhood Conservation Plan was formally accepted by the County Board on November 18, 2008. 

Drafting the Report

Last stages, Spring of 2008

We have finished entering the responses to the Barcroft Neighborhood Conservation survey into a database. We entered every comment in addition to the check box totals.

We got exactly 275 surveys back, a response rate of 32.6 per cent. In addition to the 28 block captains who distributed and picked up the surveys, Marlene Oronao translated the survey into Spanish and distributed it along Columbia Pike. Many thanks to all who helped.

In the next phase the committees will meet and draft sections of the plan. If you are interested in the drafting, please contact one or more of the committee chair(s) below: 

Committees and Some of the Issues

Including meetings they held last year to get our Survey questions together.

Parks and Environment
Chairs: Shirley Gay 703-920-1913 and Shelley Fichtner 
Members: Noreen Atkinson, Dan Elmer, Jim Kerr, Randy Swart

  • FMR & Columbia Pike park design
  • Va. Power substation
  • Invasives
  • Name for Taylor St park (Ann Noll Park ?)

Minutes of meetings:

  • Meeting of March 3, 2006
  • Sunday, March 5th walk through the parks.

Chair: Mark Wigfield (acting) 703-979-0339
Members: John Lis, David Peacefull and Elaine Squeri, Mark Wigfield

  • Traffic
  • Traffic calming done and left to do
  • Bus routes
  • Pike
  • George Mason
  • Arlington Blvd
  • Easier way to get to Ballston
  • Parking: use of church parking lots
  • Parking restrictions/zoned parrking?
  • Snow clearance

Capital Improvements
Chair: Jame Eisenberg 703-553-8992
Members: Dan Junker, Theresa Saunders, Heidi Wicker, John Lis, Chris Ditta, Bruce Atkinson, Heidi Wicker, Eric Parker and Gary Mason

  • Streetlights
  • Sidewalks: where to finish
  • Finish Pershing/3rd/Wakefield intersection
  • Fix Arlington Boulevard/Pershing intersection

Community Services
Chair: Deborah Wood 
Members: Ken Simpson, Jill Herndon. 

  • Affordable housing
  • Buchanan Gardens
  • Arlington Mill Center
  • Services for ageing in place

Chair: Chris Hoh 703-979-1947
Members: Maureen O'Keefe, Barbara Swart

  • Arlington Blvd strip
  • Pike "pocket" between Food Star and Taylor St
  • Curbing newspaper machines on the pike
  • Discouraging throwaway newspapers

Commercial Development
Chair: Bryant Monroe 
Members: Bryant Monroe and John Lis

  • Business mix on the Pike
  • Evolving needs

Zoning and Land Use
Members: Bruce Atkinson, Byrant Monroe, Randy Swart

  • Townhouse
  • Infill
  • Pipestems and other cramming
  • Pike Form Based Code issues

Historic Preservation
Chair: Heidi Wicker (Acting) 
Members: Sara Amy Leach, Gary Mason, Bruce Atkinson and Heidi Wicker. 

  • Historic designation for the neighborhood?

Co-Chairs: Pat Williamson and Marlene Oronao

Susan Cohen, Mark Wigfield, Randy Swart

Data Compilation
Peg Lefebvre, Barbara Swart

County Liaison

  • Our liaison with the Neighborhood Conservation staff for the development of this plan was Tim McIntosh.

    Our current liaison is Sena Wijesinha.

    • Sena Wijesinha, Capital Projects Coordinator
      Neighborhood Services Division
      Dept. of Community Planning, Housing and Development
      2100 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 700
      Arlington, VA 22201
      Phone: 703-228-7933