Barcroft Chat List

Barcroft has a neighborhood chat list on Yahoo Groups. You can join by selecting this link.

The list is only open to Barcroft residents, and you must provide your full name and address to become a member. We use it for chatting about neighborhood topics. We share community events, recommendations for service providers, items for sale or for free, crime and safety concerns, ideas about improving our neighborhood and more. You can spread the word about a car break-in, find a babysitter, ask for help finding your lost pet or publicize your yard sale, but not a commercial business.

Here are the rules:

  • BSCLchat is the e-mail chat list for discussion of issues and events pertaining specifically to the Barcroft neighborhood in Arlington, Va.
  • We ask that the list not be used to promote specific candiates in a political campaign. The list must not be used for chain e-mails or spam. Posts must not be vulgar, obscene, libelous or hateful toward any group, race, or ethnicity. Take a deep breath and think before you write! Keep the tone friendly.
  • BSCLChat subscribes to all of the Yahoogroups terms of service.
  • To subscribe, send mail to
  • To unsubscribe from the BSCLchat group, send an email to:


Contact list moderator Mark Wigfield if you have questions.