The Barcroft Players

Our Neighborhood Theater Company

Barcroft Community House
800 S. Buchanan Street, Arlington, Virginia

Barcroft's neighborhood theater group was started in 2001 by a group of Barcroft residents who love live theater. At that time the stage at the Barcroft Community House had been recently vacated by a church group who had been using the stage for their services. The group of Barcrofters couldn't help but think that the empty stage was crying out for a theater group to fill the void. Thus the Barcroft Players were born. 

Since that modest beginning, the Players have graduated to a modest middle, with no end in sight. The bad news: it is a challenge have been unable to convince all 3,611 residents of Barcroft to become actors or theater technicians. But there is good news: the Barcroft Players have broadened their focus to include other area participants who have contributed their talents to our efforts. They continue to challenge themselves to put on good theater on a small stage and a shoestring budget. And not least of all, they have managed to have a lot of fun in the process. 

If you are interested in joining the Barcroft Players, please send an email to Barbara Swart at or call her at 703-521-2080.

She is looking for a good play.