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Barcroft Community House logo.Welcome to Barcroft Neighborhood

The Latest

The March BSCL program has been cancelled so we can all go
to the Columbia Pike Future forum sponsored by CPRO.

Thursday March 5 at 7:30pm
You can see all the details and RSVP on the CPRO site

Here is the March issue of the Barcroft News

February BSCL program

County Board member John Vihstadt gave generously of his time to discuss and answer questions about key County issues, inclusing those impacting Columbia Pike.

We approved the purchase of new locks and keys for the Community House. Here are the draft minutes of the meeting.

January 2015 program

On January 8, we welcomed back Takis Karantonis, Executive Director of the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization, who provided an update on developments along the Pike and shared his thoughts on what's next following the streetcar project cancellation.

We had our Barcroft Holiday Sing-Along on December 4

We had a great time at the traditional Barcroft Holiday Sing-Along, singing with the Barcroft holiday band and with a visit by Santa.

Streetcar project cancelled

Contract signed for Barcroft's park project

The County has at last awarded the contract for the park improvement at Columbia Pike and Four Mile Run. Barcroft sponsored the project and got Neighborhood Conservation funding for it.

Kudos to the BSCL Parks Committee who worked on the design with the County to save it when construction costs increased, developing a new vision for the playground in particular. They included Kimberley Marchant, Julie Rotherham, Elizabeth Rives, Shirley Gay, Eric Harold and Elizabeth Kiker. They worked with the County's landscape architect, Shannon Early. The result should be a very nice park.

Deborah Wood, our Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee representative, will be the contact going forward if you have any questions about progress on the project.

While the page has yet to be updated, you can find more information and a link to the design here.

This will be a great addition to our neighborhood and connector between the crossroads of W&OD/the northern improvements in GlenCarlyn Park and the Arlington Mill Community Center

BSCL Meeting Featured Redevelopment Proposal

We met on November 6 for a presentation by the developer on a new building to be constructed at the northeast corner of Columbia Pike and South Buchanan Street (site of the current El Tutumaso and the former Cafe Sauca). Members of the Douglas Park Civic Association attended as well. The proposal calls for the construction of a four-story condominium building, with street-level retail. Under Columbia Pike form-based code (FBC) standards, the proposed development is relatively small--less than 40,000 square feet--and therefore would not require any modifications under the FBC. This will be the first major FBC redevelopment effort along our stretch of the Pike.

Here is the December issue of the Barcroft News

President's Report for November

by Eric Harold

Boo! Hah! Scared ya! Happy Halloween, my favorite time of the year. Fall has started in a grand, wet and busy fashion. Lots of things going on, most of which will be reported on in the Barcroft News (all the news thatís fit to print). And, we have an exciting potential development happening at Buchanan and Columbia Pike. A link to the drawings will be posted on the BSCL web page, and the County and the developer will be at the November meeting (a joint meeting with Douglas Park).

This being November, I would be remiss if I did not cajole, badger or otherwise beg all of you to vote on Tuesday, November 4. All politics are local, and the vast majority of the laws, rules and regulations that affect us daily are made at the local level. This is a very local election: County Board, School Board, state delegate. School and County bond issues. Add to it our member of congress (replacing Jim Moran) and our senator and youíve got a lot of reasons to vote. I hope to see you all (early and often) at the polls.

We had an awesome 4th of July Parade!

Kids! Bicycles! Wagons! Trikes! Pets! Floats! Bands! Picnic! Hot Dogs! Hamburgers! Karen Darner's Baked Beans! Magic show! Watermelon! Homemade desserts! Star Spangled Banner! Amazing weather! The 2014 Barcroft 4th of July parade had it all.

Parade marchers

Winners for Most Patriotic:

  • Presidents on the Pike
  • Barcroft Bands including Uncle Sam
  • 4th Street Aircraft Carrier Barcroft

Winners for Best Performance:

  • Minion Madness Bananys

  • Snow Shovel Brigade

  • Decades

Winners for Best Other:

  • Canoe

  • Dog Days

  • Scouts - Honor Guard

Here are some past parades.

CERT Training to Begin in September

If you want to be better prepared for and able to respond to emergencies of all kinds, Arlington County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training begins in September. The eight-session, 26-hour training course is open to all who live and/or work in Arlington County and is offered free of charge. Topics covered include disaster medical operations, fire suppression, light search and rescue and terrorism. Space is limited and seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact ArlingtonCERT@gmail.com for additional information. See the CERT web page for more details on the program.

Our most recent meeting: May 1
Reevesland Farm and Election of officers

Our guest was Joan Horwitt, who gave a presentation on the Reevesland Farm, the last working farm in Arlington County. The farm is one of the few remaining links to a time gone by in Arlington, and is located in Boulevard Manor neighborhood across Arlington Boulevard from us. Ms. Horwitt discussed its history, preservation, and the efforts to keep it functioning as a new County park. The BSCL passed a resolution supporting the effort to restore the old farmhouse as a learning center.

We also elected officers for the 2014-2015 year:
  • President: Eric Harold
  • Vice President: Chris Kupczyk
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Lis
  • Recording Secretary: Randy Swart
  • Membership Secretary: Fay Amundson
  • Board Member: Keith Fred (term to expire 2018)

Next meeting will be September 4th. Meantime, the 4th of July parade!

We have updated our list of maintenance projects for the Barcroft Community House

Help is welcome!

Public Schools CIP Process

President Eric Harold has provided this info page on how Arlington Public Schools is organizing to get public input before adopting their upcoming Captial Improvement Plan.

Status of the Pike road work - February 5

Here is Susan Finotti's excellent explanation of the status of the road work down at the Pike and S. Buchanan. We are indebted to Mary Hynes for requesting the info. We will have a long wait for Dominion to move that big power pole.

February meeting notes

We heard Mary Giordano, a staff member from Representative James P. Moran's office, provide a constituent services update and answer many questions. The Congressman is not running for re-election, but for the rest of this year his office will continue to support us.

Our blizzard page and our Snow Shovel Brigade page including a link to the County plowing priorities map.

November Meeting - Neighborhood decisions

We voted to give first priority to the Neighborhood Conservation project to finish the sidewalk on 9th St from Buchanan down the hill to the park. Seventh Street neighbors whose street was also under consideration turned out to oppose a similar project on their street. Here are the minutes of the meeting.

Dues are due for the 2013-14 year that began in September. Here is
the Membership form, for anyone who lives in Barcroft neighborhood.

October Meeting

We approved plans to improve the 7th Street trail connector to the W&OD trail
and met Collette Bounet, the new Principal at Barcroft Elemetary.
Here are the minutes of the meeting.

Here is a nice news story about Collette Bounet, the new Principal at Barcroft Elementary School.

Our 4th of July Parade Photos!

Parade 2013

Emergency Contact Numbers

Provided by Linda Webb as of July 10, 2013

Garden Party

The garden at the Community House after our volunteers worked on it.
May 19, 2013
Garden May 2013

Easter Egg Hunt March 30

There were two hunts: One, at 10:15 a.m. for ages 0-4, and one at 10:30 a.m. for ages 5-15. The children hunted for Easter eggs filled with stickers and small toys, and then could trade in their eggs (once the treasures have been harvested, of course) for a bag of candy. Who handed out the candy? The EASTER BUNNY! There was also be socializing inside for parents and five GOLDEN EGGS, very well hidden. The lucky children who found those eggs traded them in for a chocolate bunny.

Some photos from the 2012 hunt:

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Report on power reliability discussions

by Randy Swart

Our February BSCL meeting was very useful for venting some problems during recent storm recovery. But it was even more useful for bringing us two Dominion staffers who could handle other problems as well.

Somehow President Pat persuaded Dominion to send Tony Savage, their Operations Manager for all of Dominion's network inside the beltway, and extending down to Lorton. He was the highest level Dominion operations person I have ever encountered at a meeting. After the meeting we talked about how Barcroft had noted that in the last two big storms our neighborhood-wide outage has persisted long after they had already resolved other neighborhood's outages. It may be related to the fact that our power comes up from the substation down on Four Mile Run Drive via a route through the park parallel to the high voltage lines. In both storms those lines were part of the problem, even though they did considerable tree trimming after the first storm. We also apparently have a backbone along 6th St South that makes all of us vulnerable to trees coming down along there. Mr. Savage said he would have his Reliability engineer take a look at our situation and see if he had any recommendations. Who knows whether it will produce any action, but at least our concern got to the right person.

The second Dominion staffer there was Deborah Johnson, Manager of Regional State and Local Affairs. It turned out that she was not familiar with the story of our old substation lot on Pershing Drive, where Dominion has not cleaned up the PCB pollution to the residential standard that the County insists on to buy the lot and add it to our park. She said she would look into the issues. I doubt that she can resolve it, but at least that keeps the question active.

We had our December holiday party!

Holiday Party photo

Recent Storms

We had a big, big derecho storm on June 29, 2012. Many Barcroft homes were without electric power for two to four days. The weather was sweltering. There was major tree and power line damage on 6th St South between Wakefield and Buchanan. We are grateful to Dominion Virginia Power for their energetic and competent response.

After the storm we had a "Celebrate Power is Back On!" Fourth of July parade that included floats thanking Virginia Power for their work getting out power back. Carol Harvey marched with a big splinter from one of the 6th Street poles.
Then at the end of October we got Hurricaine Sandy, again taking down trees and lines on 6th Street and plunging much of the neighborhood into darkness for several days. We had a "Trick or Treat Even Though the Power Is Still Off" Halloween. Barcroft neighbors, as always, gamely rose to the occasion, decorating stoops with more lights than usual. The Piantanidas handed out glow sticks and candy to help with visibility. Our neighborhood chat list became the best source for info on repairs, as concerned neighbors reported on their conversations with the linemen fixing our problems.

This photo is from Hurricaine Irene in 2011. Some had no damage, but on Abingdon Street there were three large trees down. Here is the one at the Cackleys.

cackley tree

And you can see it in Arlington's storm damage report. The first three slides are Barcroft homes on Abingdon.

Our Ice Cream Social on National Night Out was Great

We had a good crowd for Barcroft's annual celebration of National Night Out on August 7. Many neighbors, Captain Brett Butler of the Arlington County Police Department and others joined us for an ice cream social at the Community House. The weather cooperated and good conversation was had by all. Ballston Patch had a nice report with photos.

We had a wonderful 4th of July Parade!

It was the 24th Annual Barcroft 4th of July Parade

Parade on 8th Street S

Here is our 2012 parade page

Barcrofter Joan Mulholland is in the news again

Our own Joan Mulholland is again the subject of a documentary about her civil rights activities in the 1960's. This one is called An Ordinary Hero. We have a page on Joan with links.

Eighth Road had a Block Party

Here are Lisa Piantanida's photos.

The Gardens of Barcroft Tour

Sunday May 20, 2012, a beautiful day for a garden tour. Here is the day in photos.

Community House Garden Blitz

Saturday May 19, 2012 with many hands making light work. Here is how it looked.

Weather Forecast for Barcroft

The link on the right at the top of this page is the result of Barcrofter Eric Parker's years of recording our weather and sending data to Weather Underground. Their system integrates the historic data from local stations like Eric's to produce micro weather forecasts. So thanks to Eric we now have a real Barcroft weather forecast. We have a page up on Barcroft weather and how to access Eric's data from your cell.

We celebrated the renovated Barcroft Community House on Feb. 2, 2012

BCH Party Feb 2, 2012
Jim Kerr, our Project Manager, and Chris Ditta, our Fundraiser

We had a party to celebrate the conclusion of our major renovation project on the main hall. The results are spectacular. Commonwealth Renovations did a first class job for us, and finished on time. Here is the Sun Gazette's article. It appeared on their Web site within 12 hours of our party! Scott McCaffrey took a nice photo of the assembled Barcofters, while we all said "Barcroft!" The paper edition of the Sun Gazette that arrived on your doorstep on February 8 has the same article, with color photo.

Eventually there will be a plaque on the wall with names of all who have donated $100 or more to the renovation. If you are not sure how much you contributed, or to donate, contact BSCL Treasurer Jennifer Lis.

Community House Renovation: It's Finished!

(BCH Interior Jan 31, 2012)

Here is Wendy Jordan's design for the interior lighting, ceiling fans and paint colors.

Chandelier: Troy Alexander F2668
Sconce: Murry Feiss Morningside Sconce WB127OGBZ
Ceiling Fan: Casablanca Panama Energy Star - 50" Snow White finish
Paint: Wall and Ceiling -Sherwin Williams Navajo White SW6126, Trim and Wainscot- Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW7008

Here is our page of photos showing phases of the project.

Have you paid your dues? Check here!

Photos from Chalk 4 Peace at Barcroft Elementary School

Chalked peace figure

This link to the Barcroft PTA Website will open up the gallery of photos from the CHALK 4 PEACE event in front of the Barcroft Elementary School. In addition to the fun and enjoyment the children and families experienced in the name of peace, there were also several amazing works of art for our community viewing pleasure if you have not witnessed them in person. From the Mona Lisa to SpongeBob and a Sit-in Bench to a Walkway of Peace there is something for everyone. Please enjoy! - Chris Ditta

National Guard headquarters issues

Barcroft Fox

This red fox appeared in Barbara and Randy Swart's back yard (7th and Wakefield)
about noon on August 19, 2011. You can see the Youtube video here.
The picture and video were taken at 26x zoom.

Barcroft Players

On August 4 and 5, 2011 the Barcroft Players presented
A Most Notorious Woman by Maggie Cronin

The story of Grace O'Malley, Ireland's pirate queen.
Here is the production page with photos.

Earthquake in Barcroft and voting the same day - 2011

A memorable day for Barcroft election officials in August 2011. Primary election plus earthquake!

For phones and hand-held devices, our mobile site is up and running.

You may need: Permit Parking Process

The County's info on how it works..

More of Our Current Issues

8th St House Partially Burned, then Wrecked
Fire Department examined their policies afterward.
New Park Takes Shape in 2012, delayed to 2015
Barcroft moms worked with the County on the design.
Resolution supporting Barcroft Elementary School
We asked for a solution to teacher parking problems.
Pike project delayed.
But will finish in 2012.

What We Like About Our Neighborhood

We are a nice, quiet neighborhood originally established in 1903. We have about 800 mostly modest single-family homes, and about 400 apartments along our outer edge. Most of the houses here were built in the 1930-1970 era. We have an active civic association, an historic Community House and a monthly neighborhood ewsletter, The Barcroft News, first published in 1903.

The Barcroft School and Civic League sponsors neighborhood events ranging from an annual Fourth of July Parade to a Christmas visit from Santa Claus, meet-the-candidates nights before elections, spaghetti dinners and a coffeehouse to showcase neighborhood talent. These events retain the strong spirit of community existing here for over 90 years. This is a good place to live.

Neighborhood Highlights

Our Neighborhood Conservation Plan
Planning document for the decade 2008-18
Our Neighborhood Goals
Goals for the century to come
Our Snow Shovel Brigade helps shovel walks.
Seniors, physically handicapped aided by neighbors.
Our holiday party is always great fun!
Photos and more of our annual celebration
Google Maps takes photographs of the neighborhood
Highlights of what it saw in 2009.
Eileen Melia honored as "Person of Vision"
The award citation and more about her accomplishments
Joan Mulholland honored as a Freedom Rider
Interviewed by ABC on Inauguration Day 2009
Barcroft Walkabout video on Youtube
A ten minute walking tour of the neighborhood
Bus info for Barcroft
You can get there by bus.
The Media
Barcroft articles, TV and more.
The Barcroft Players' most recent performance


In June 2008 The Barcroft Players presented "Three Generations of Imbeciles," an original play by Rick Hodges.

Here is more information about The Barcroft Players and all of their performances.
Don't wade in Four Mile Run!
Bacteria levels exceed water quality standards.


Our History
How we began in 1903 and how we got this way
Our Historic Landmark
The Barcroft Community House, neighborhood icon.
Our renovation plans
Fundraiser: Donate to Renovate
Rent the Community House
Community House dimensions
A Google map and directions.

Our Centennial celebration in 2003
A play by the Barcroft Players: Tales of Barcroft.
Our resolution to name Anne Noll Park
Parks rejected us and named it Arlington Hall Park
Friendship Quilt from 1948

The fascinating history and 500 Barcroft names
How we lost our neighborhood bus line
AB&W was for Alexandria, Barcroft and Washington
Our current bus service
Columbia Pike bus service
Traffic calming worked in Barcroft!
County report details good results.
We have official permission to do park maintenance
A letter from Arlington County Parks
Barcroft School needs tutors.
You can volunteer to tutor one hour a week


Who We Are
Our email directory, neighbors' Web pages, more
Our Newsletter, Minutes and Bylaws
The Barcroft News was first published in 1903
Our Chat List
Our chat list for neighborhood topics at eGroups
The Barcroft Players
Our neighborhood theater company
Membership List
Have you paid your dues?
Membership form
For Barcrofters only: join the BSCL.
Donations and Tax Status
For tax deductions, donate to our Community House Fund.
Neighborhood lore, parades, County codes, more

Other Resources

Barcroft's Elected Representatives
County, State, National elected reps for our neighborhood
Contacts for County Services
People to call or email in County departments
Infill development and Zoning
Info developed by the Williamsburg Civic Association
Energy Audits: A Barcroft Consumer's Experience
Energy issues for Barcroft homes.
Right Tree, Right Place, Right Now!
Elizabeth Rives' PowerPoint presentation on tree planting.
How to hire day laborers
Ben Harris makes it easy to use Seek in Shirlington.
Other neighborhoods and Arlington resources


Here is a Barcroft neighborhood map.

The County has some nice maps of our neighborhood up.

And here is another from Google Maps.

And a nice aerial photo, too.

To Contact Us

Please send email to:

Eric Harold
President, Barcroft School and Civic League
or call him at 703-486-0879

or email our Webmaster

Randy Swart

Note: email has |.| in place of the at symbol.

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