Officers and Board of Directors


Gary Mason

Vice President

Ken Simpson


Jennifer Lis

Recording Secretary

Anne Tonks

Membership Secretary

Joanne Rodewald

Board Members:

  • Barbara Clemens (term expires 2021)

  • Keith Fred (term expires 2022)

  • Eric Parker (term expires 2023)

  • Daniel Weir (term expires 2020)

Barcroft Community House Rental

Contacts and Committees

  • Chat List Moderator: Mark Wigfield

  • Fundraising: Chris Ditta

  • Landscaping: Scott Brinitzer

  • Traffic Committee; Vacant

  • July Fourth Parade: Heather Meade and Jim Moran

  • Columbia Pike Form-Based Code Representatives: Charlie Smiroldo and Keith Fred

  • Demeter House: Darlene Mickey

  • Parks: Shirley Gay

  • Signs: Doug Mueller

  • NCAC Representative: Deborah Wood

  • NCAC Alternate: Neal Martin

  • Webmaster: Daniel Weir


Arlington Civic Federation Delegates

  • Eric Harold

  • Christopher Hoh

  • Chris Kupczyk

  • Randy Swart

  • Joseph Knarich (Alternate)

  • David Michelson (Alternate)

  • Mark Wigfield (Alternate)